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Professor of Imaging Chemistry

 Phil is a Professor of Imaging Chemistry and the Head of the department of Imaging Chemistry and Biology (ICaB) at King's College London. Phil will lead the management and delivery of the programme along with the work package that focuses on radionuclide production.



Prof. Phil Blower

Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Molecular Imaging

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry




Prof. Tony Gee

Professor of PET Chemistry

Tony is the Head of PET radiochemistry at KCL and is the deputy PI for this programme. He is also leading the work package for the development of new organic radiopharmaceuticals in addition to supporting radionuclide production.

Gill Reid.jpg

Prof. Gill Reid

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Gill is the Head of Chemistry at the university of Southampton and is leading the development of F-18 chemistry in addition to overseeing outreach and public engagement activities. 


Dr. Michelle Ma

Michelle is leading the team at KCL for the development of radiometal chelators  for fast, efficient biofunctionalisation, incorporating bioconjugates.

Lecturer in Imaging Chemistry


Dr. Samantha Terry

Samantha is supporting radiobiological evaluation of imaging and therapeutic radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals. She is also leading the public engagement activities.

Lecturer in Radiobiology


Gilbert is interested in advancing molecular imaging methods for treating cancer cell metastasis. He is supporting in vivo cell tracking and validation to develop new novel cancer tracers.

Senior Lecturer in Imaging Biology

Dr. Gilbert Fruhwirth


Dr. Graeme Stasiuk

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Imaging

Graeme is interested in developing multimodal contrast agents to monitor diseases along with cellular processes using various imaging techniques.


Senior Lecturer in Imaging Chemistry

Dr. Rafael T. M. de Rosales

Rafa is interested in developing PET imaging tools with innovative therapeutic modalities and is leading the development of nanomedicines and cell tracking studies.


Prof. Tony Ng

Professor of Molecular Oncology

Tony is the Joint Head of School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences/Richard Dimbleby Professor of Cancer Research at KCL and Professor of Molecular Oncology at UCL Cancer Institute. He will be advising on the evaluation of tracers for biological applications. 


Dr. Richard Southworth

Richard is supporting the ex vivo and in vivo validation of novel radiotracers, assessing translational potential. He is particularly interested in imaging agents for cardiac studies. 


Prof. Andrew Reader

Professor of Imaging Sciences

Andrew is supporting the development of multiplexed direct 4D PET image reconstructution and multi-parametric mapping via deep artificial neural networks for signal separation.


Dr. Lefteris Livieratos

Reader in Medical Physics

Lefteris is a clinical Scientist at Guy's & St Thomas' with extensive experience in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. He is interested in multi-modality imaging, tracer kinetics and dosimetry and will be supporting the preclinical translation of radiopharmaceuticals.


Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr. Malene Fischer

Malene is a consultant in nuclear medicine and is interested in implementing hybrid imaging, PET/CT and PET/MR for diagnosing and treating patients with cancer. She will be supporting with clinical translation of radionuclides and therapies.


Prof. Nicholas Long

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Nick is the Head of the Catalysis, Sustainability and Applied Inorganics section at Imperial College London. He is leading the development of chelate chemistry for radiometals.


Prof. Sally Barrington

Professor of PET imaging and NIHR research Professor

Sally is leading the clinical translation of novel PET tracers. Her clinical experience encompasses all aspects of PET-CT including oncology, neurology, cardiology and infection/inflammation using a variety of tracers.


Dr. Phil Miller

Phil is based at Imperial College London and is supporting the development of technologies for reactions with short-lived PET isotopes.


Prof. Paul Marsden

Professor of PET Physics

Paul is the director of PET medical physics at the KCL PET Centre and the joint lead for the UK-PET Core Lab. He is supporting the translational work; offering expertise in PET targetry, scanner design and data analysis.


Dr. Ran Yan

Ran is interested in developing novel multicomponent radiochemistry, and will is involved with the development of organic radionuclides for novel multicomponent radiochemistry

Lecturer in Radiochemistry


Dr. Tim Witney

Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Tim is interested in the design and development of new positron emission tomography (PET) methods to image tumour biochemistry in vivo. His work will support the preclinical validation of radionuclides and therapies.



Dr. Peter Gawne

Nanomedicine PDRA

Peter did his PhD as part of the Medical Imaging CDT where he synthesised novel radiotracers for cell and liposome PET imaging. He is a keen advocate of public engagement activities and is a PE ambassador for the School. 


Dr. Zilin Yu

Radionuclide Production PDRA

Zilin's expertise lies in developing protocols for the production and translation of radiometals and radiometal-based pharmaceuticals for clinical study. 

Karin MN photo.jpg

Dr. Karin Nielsen

Radionuclide Production PDRA

Karin is experienced in radionuclide production with advanced knowledge in medical cyclotron maintenance and targetry development. She has previously worked at PET-centres and nuclear research facilities in Denmark and has joined KCL as PDRA in 2020.


Biological Validation PDRA

Dr. Ed Waters

Ed's interests lie in developing novel PET probes for imaging cardiac oxidative stress. He recently completed a year's fellowship funded by the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering for work in this area.


Dr. Steven Kealey

Organic Radiochemistry PDRA

Steven has expertise in designing novel radiolabelling techniques and working with short-lived radionuclides. 


Danielle Smith



Danielle completed her Ph.D in coordination chemistry of transition metals and materials chemistry. Continuing work with transition metals she joined the programme, based at the University of Southampton in 2020.


Chelator Chemistry PDRA 

Dr. Charlotte Rivas

Charlotte has extensive research experience developing chemistry relating to a wide range of imaging modalities. She joined the department at KCL in 2018 working on macrocyclic ligand development for radiometal chelation.


Chelator Chemistry PDRA 

Dr. Angelo Frei

Angelo is an inorganic chemist with experience in chelator synthesis. He has worked extensively with technetium during his PhD and has joined Imperial College as a PDRA in 2020.

IMG_8759 2_edited.png

Dr. Kasia Procyk

Research Project Manager

Kasia has a background in cancer cell biology and metabolism research, with a PhD in Cell Biology and Microbiology.

She is supporting the overall management of the programme. 


Deanne Naula

Community Engagement Officer

Deanne is the Community Engagement Officer at the Wellcome EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering (CME) and MITHRAS programme team. Deanne is supporting the community engagement activities and creating partnerships with local community groups in Lambeth and Southwark to help shape our research. 

david thakor.jfif

David Thakor

School Technical Officer

David is joined the Imaging Sciences department at KCL in 2008 after 13 years at GlaxoSmithKline. He is the Laboratory Manager for the School as well as a Radiation Supervisor and Safety Officer, overseeing the running of over 20 labs with 130+ users. 


Research Project Manager

Dr. Bernice Akpinar

Bernice has a background in research with a PhD in Biophysics and the Life Sciences from Imperial College and supported the overall management of the programme (2019-2022). 


Dr. Maxwell Handley

Senior Technical Officer

Max has joined the technical support team at King's, having over 15 years of experience in the field of Molecular Imaging, working with a range of PET and SPECT radionuclides.


The MITHRAS team have established an independent external advisory board who provide support, advice and guidance to the research team. 

Prof. Rod Hicks – Nuclear Medicine, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

Prof. Simon Cherry – Medical Physics/PET MR, UCDavis, USA

Dr. Phil Murphy – Imaging lead, GSK, UK

Prof. Franklin Aigbirhio – Radiochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK

Prof. Kate Vallis - Radiotherapeutics & radioimaging, University of Oxford, UK




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