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Mithras Excels at Maximising Academic Impact through Successful Collaborations and Publications

2024 has arrived!


As 2024 unfolds, the MITHRAS team would like to take the opportunity to reflect on our collaborative approach to research. Sharing our expertise, skills and laboratory kit, and working together – from project inception to lab work to developing research outcomes – underpins fruitful, effective, and (importantly) enjoyable collaboration.


To celebrate our past research successes, we’ve compiled a list of manuscripts from MITHRAS research and pre-MITHRAS research below. We also include a link to a December 2023 American Chemical Society forum issue of Inorganic Chemistry (co-edited by Michelle Ma) that includes contributions from Gill Reid (10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c03135), Graeme Stasiuk (10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c02459) and Michelle Ma (10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c00426), and celebrates the breadth and diversity of inorganic chemistry in radiopharmaceuticals, made possible by such collaborative approaches.


Happy New Year to everyone!


(1)      Gawne, P. J.; Clarke, F.; Turjeman, K.; Cope, A. P.; Long, N. J.; Barenholz, Y.; Terry, S. Y. A.; de Rosales, R. T. M. PET Imaging of Liposomal Glucocorticoids Using 89Zr-Oxine: Theranostic Applications in Inflammatory Arthritis. Theranostics 2020, 10, 3867–3879.

(2)      Gawne, P.; Man, F.; Fonslet, J.; Radia, R.; Bordoloi, J.; Cleveland, M.; Jimenez-Royo, P.; Gabizon, A.; Blower, P. J.; Long, N.; de Rosales, R. T. M. Manganese-52: Applications in Cell Radiolabelling and Liposomal Nanomedicine PET Imaging Using Oxine (8-Hydroxyquinoline) as an Ionophore. Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 9283–9293.

(3)      Blower, P. J.; Cusnir, R.; Darwesh, A.; Long, N. J.; Ma, M. T.; Osborne, B. E.; Price, T. W.; Pellico, J.; Reid, G.; Southworth, R.; Stasiuk, G. J.; Terry, S. Y. A.; de Rosales, R. T. M. Gallium: New Developments and Applications in Radiopharmaceutics. Adv. Inorg. Chem. 2021, 78, 1–35.

(4)      Lim Kee Chang, W.; Chan, T. G.; Raguseo, F.; Mishra, A.; Chattenton, D.; de Rosales, R. T. M.; Long, N. J.; Morse, S. V. Rapid Short-Pulses of Focused Ultrasound and Microbubbles Deliver a Range of Agent Sizes to the Brain. Sci. Reports 2023, 13, 6963.

(5)      Farleigh, M.; Pham, T. T.; Yu, Z.; Kim, J.; Sunassee, K.; Firth, G.; Forte, N.; Chudasama, V.; Baker, J. R.; Long, N. J.; Rivas, C.; Ma, M. T. New Bifunctional Chelators Incorporating Dibromomaleimide Groups for Radiolabeling of Antibodies with Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Radioisotopes. Bioconjugate Chem. 2021, 32, 1214–1222.

(6)      Cooper, S. M.; White, A. J. P.; Eykyn, T. R.; Ma, M. T.; Miller, P. W.; Long, N. J. N-Centered Tripodal Phosphine Re(V) and Tc(V) Oxo Complexes: Revisiting a [3 + 2] Mixed-Ligand Approach. Inorg. Chem.2022, 61, 8000–8014.

(7)      Yue, T. T. C.; Ge, Y.; Aprile, F. A.; Ma, M. T.; Pham, T. T.; Long, N. J. Site-Specific 68Ga Radiolabeling of Trastuzumab Fab via Methionine for ImmunoPET Imaging. Bioconjugate Chem. 2023, 34, 1802–1810.

(8)      Frei, A.; Rigby, A.; Yue, T. T. C.; Firth, G.; Ma, M. T.; Long, N. J. To Chelate Thallium(I) – Synthesis and Evaluation of Kryptofix-Based Chelators for 201Tl. Dalton Trans. 2022, 51, 9039–9048.

(9)      Smith, A. J.; Gawne, P. J.; Ma, M. T.; Blower, P. J.; Southworth, R.; Long, N. J. Synthesis, Gallium-68 Radiolabelling and Biological Evaluation of a Series of Triarylphosphonium-Functionalized DO3A Chelators. Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 15448–15457.

(10)    Mann, P. B.; McGregor, I. J.; Bourke, S.; Burkitt-Gray, M.; Fairclough, S.; Ma, M. T.; Hogarth, G.; Thanou, M.; Long, N.; Green, M. An Atom Efficient, Single-Source Precursor Route to Plasmonic CuS Nanocrystals. Nanoscale Adv. 2019, 1, 522–526.

(11)    Price, T. W.; Firth, G.; Eling, C. J.; Kinnon, M.; Long, N. J.; Sturge, J.; Stasiuk, G. J. A 18F Radiolabelled Zn(II) Sensing Fluorescent Probe. Chem. Commun. 2018, 54, 3227–3230.

(12)    Laurent, D.; Vinet, L.; Lamprianou, S.; Daval, M.; Filhoulaud, G.; Ktorza, A.; Wang, H.; Sewing, S.; Juretschke, H. P.; Glombik, H.; Meda, P.; Boisgard, R.; Nguyen, D. L.; Stasiuk, G. J.; Long, N. J.; Montet, X.; et al., Pancreatic β-Cell Imaging in Humans: Fiction or Option? Diabetes, Obes. Metab.2016, 18, 6–15.

(13)    Stasiuk, G. J.; Faulkner, S.; Long, N. J. Novel Imaging Chelates for Drug Discovery. Curr. Opin. Pharmacol. 2012, 12, 576–582.

(14)    Stasiuk, G. J.; Minuzzi, F.; Sae-Heng, M.; Rivas, C.; Juretschke, H. P.; Piemonti, L.; Allegrini, P. R.; Laurent, D.; Duckworth, A. R.; Beeby, A.; Rutter, G.A., Long, N. J. Dual-Modal Magnetic Resonance/Fluorescent Zinc Probes for Pancreatic β-Cell Mass Imaging. Chem. – A Eur. J. 2015, 21, 5023–5033.

(15)    Stasiuk, G. J.; Smith, H.; Wylezinska-Arridge, M.; Tremoleda, J. L.; Trigg, W.; Kaur Luthra, S.; Iveson, V. M.; Gavins, F. N. E.; Long, N. J. Gd3+ CFLFLFK Conjugate for MRI: A Targeted Contrast Agent for FPR1 in Inflammation. Chem. Commun. 2012, 49, 564–566.

(16)    Stasiuk, G. J.; Holloway, P. M.; Rivas, C.; Trigg, W.; Luthra, S. K.; Morisson Iveson, V.; Gavins, F. N. E.; Long, N. J. 99mTc SPECT Imaging Agent Based on CFLFLFK for the Detection of FPR1 in Inflammation. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 4986–4993.

(17)    Stasiuk, G. J.; Long, N. J. The Ubiquitous DOTA and Its Derivatives: The Impact of 1,4,7,10-Tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-Tetraacetic Acid on Biomedical Imaging. Chem. Commun. 2013, 49, 2732–2746.

(18)    Rivas, C.; Stasiuk, G. J.; Gallo, J.; Minuzzi, F.; Rutter, G. A.; Long, N. J. Lanthanide(III) Complexes of Rhodamine-DO3A Conjugates as Agents for Dual-Modal Imaging. Inorg. Chem. 2013, 52, 14284–14293.

(19)    Rivas, C.; Stasiuk, G. J.; Sae-Heng, M.; Long, N. J. Towards Understanding the Design of Dual-Modal MR/Fluorescent Probes to Sense Zinc Ions. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 4976–4985.

(20)    Keasberry, N. A.; Bañobre-López, M.; Wood, C.; Stasiuk, G. J.; Gallo, J.; Long, N. J. Tuning the Relaxation Rates of Dual-Mode T1/T2 Nanoparticle Contrast Agents: A Study into the Ideal System. Nanoscale 2015, 7, 16119–16128.




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